What is an Implant?

An implant is commonly used as a substitute for a missingImplants tooth root. Implants are made from titanium and tolerated very well by the body. The implant is placed into the area of the missing tooth, then in turn a crown or bridge can be placed on top of the implant for a permanent dental restoration.

What are the benefits of Implants?

Alternative to traditional dentures and bridges.
Can complete your smile filling gaps that would normally require a denture.
Offer stability for a denture which is otherwise mobile.
Alternative to placing a bridge which would normally require dentistry on adjacent teeth. An Implant is a single structure and does not require stability from other dentition.

Is everyone suitable for implants?

A thorough examination with our dentist will be required to assess your current dentition. You must be medically fit and have healthy gums and jaw bone. Radiographs will be required to determine your bone level and overall dental health.

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